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Rhinestone Eye Charm Layered Necklace


Details:   RhinestoneMaterial:   AlloyType:   Layer SetsColor:   Silver..

Rhinestone Heart Charm Layered Necklace


Details:   HeartType:   Pendant NecklacesDetails:   RhinestoneType:   Y-Necks + ..

Rhinestone Heart Charm Necklace


Details:   HeartType:   Pendant NecklacesDetails:   RhinestoneMaterial:   AlloyC..

Rhinestone Letter Decor Necklace


Type:   Pendant NecklacesDetails:   RhinestoneMaterial:   AlloyType:   Chain Nec..

Rhinestone Letter Pendant Necklace


Type:   Pendant NecklacesDetails:   RhinestoneMaterial:   AlloyColor:   GoldMeta..

Rhinestone Ring Pendant Necklace


Type:   Pendant NecklacesDetails:   RhinestoneMaterial:   Stainless SteelColor: ..

Rhinestone Tassel Charm Necklace


Type:   Pendant NecklacesDetails:   RhinestoneMaterial:   RhinestoneColor:   Whi..

Round Ball Decor Layered Necklace


Type:   Pendant NecklacesMaterial:   AlloyType:   Layer SetsColor:   GoldMetal C..

Round Charm Layered Necklace


Type:   Pendant NecklacesDetails:   RoundMaterial:   AlloyType:   Layer SetsColo..

Scissors Charm Necklace


Material:   AlloyColor:   Silver..

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